Nikki Rosen, Director

Born into a family of designers, Nikki Rosen has been creating beautiful spaces for as long as she can remember. Nikki holds degrees in both Industrial Design and Interior Architecture, which have provided her with the skills to run one of Australia’s leading interior architecture studios. 

Nikki Rosen Design began in 2005, and now comprises a team of three experienced interior architects and one highly skilled draftsperson. As the director and head of the design team, Nikki lends her individual flair to every project.

She believes that great interior design is the combination and appreciation of beauty, ergonomics, and an emotional connection to the environment around us. With her unique set of skills and vast interior design experience, Nikki is able to make this a reality on every one of her projects.  

“I love being immersed in the clients’ world and lifestyle,” Nikki says. “I love the design, construction and layering of materials.”  

Nikki’s greatest joy comes from seeing the faces of her clients as they walk through their newly designed space.

“I love being able to create an environment for the client that they take pleasure in. It’s a great feeling when you’ve personalised a space just for that client.”

With her background in industrial design and architecture, Nikki has an innate understanding of the logistics of putting a project together, and is at the forefront of her industry.

“I’ve been working in the construction industry for 17 years, and can translate my designs from paper to the built environment,” she says.

“I understand construction techniques and what can and cannot be done on a project-by-project basis.

I have a lot of experience in multi-residential and individual residential construction – including some very advanced construction technology.”

Nikki’s unique insights into the construction industry mean that the design-and-build process on every project is seamless, with an end result that fits the client and their lifestyle perfectly.